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BTS (Behind-the-Scenes)

I’m the gal that watches the last three minutes of an HGTV show. I want to see the condensed before, after, and behind-the-scenes highlights. I want the quick-n-dirty, and I don’t want to sit through Taco Bell commercials. When it comes to photography “how-to’s,”  I’m a sucker for that same info. GIVE ME THE GOODS, right? Here, my photography friends, are some BTS goods from my latest shoot! e.-

 I stole my husband to assist for the last location of the day.  I actually shot from below them IN TO the sun, but I wanted to show you the hike up a steep hill.

Thanks to Vintage View Farms (and Susan, the horse owner) for allowing me to shoot on the property. I had this vision of Lori “leading” the horse across the stable opening, and me shooting from the opposite end. (The perfect tunnel of dark and light, I thought.) However, Fiddle Faddle let me know that I’d lost my ever-loving mind. Lori, always the trooper, even tried to “show” the horse the fabric. Again, no.

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